Keynotes, Executive Briefings, Webinars, Workshops

Dan is an inspiring and people-focused speaker who delivers unforgettable keynotes, executive briefings, custom webinars and innovation workshops.

He makes you more powerful than today's threats to your event and company. You add a transformative speaker who brings everyone visionary abilities to overcome today's challenges.

Dan starts from your current challenges. His vivid storytelling shows how advanced technology can empower everyone to take control and become a positive force. Your audience sees how they can lead ESG, the climate crisis, sustainability, health and inclusion.




Transform your event

At your request, Abelow can add: 
Social marketing, Keynote E-Book, Custom online video, Micro-website, More...

Examples from "Platforms of the Future"

Social Marketing

A life cycle of 25 to 40 image posts that you can schedule before, during and after your event. They work both as a series, and individual posts.

Keynote E-Book

Get a sharable PDF of your keynote's ideas. Use it for your session's attendees, everyone at your event, your employees, or marketing.

Custom Online Video

Get a custom edited keynote, with your branding, as an online resource from your event. Make your event special and memorable.

Micro Website

A micro-website presents the keynote video, e-book and fits the social marketing. Make your event both special and memorable.


Explore Some of Dan's Keynotes, Briefings and Webinars:

Delivered in Brazil, at an international business conference (32 min.)

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Vision Keynote

The Crisis of Success and Our Journey to Greatness

We have become an unquenchable planet. Billions of people want unlimited growth and consumption for centuries to come.

This self-made Crisis of Success will force us on a Journey to Greatness. We no longer have a choice: We must build a sustainable planet or face unimaginable catastrophes.

Here is where you discover your unavoidable steps into Digital Wealth for all, with superior personal abilities that enable a successful planet for the first time in history.

What will you and our world become?

This 22-minute TED-like keynote was delivered at ITES (IT European Summit) to CIOs, CTOs and Innovation Managers (22 min.)

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TED-like Keynote

Platforms of the Future

At ITES (IT European Summit), Abelow presented to corporate leaders their crucial decision between a Corporate First future where giant platforms rule them, and a People First future where every company and person can rise to the top.

We are entering an age of E-Consumption that will link customers and vendors directly, bypassing the giant platforms.

Every company can secure their markets and block both competitors and surveillance. They, not the giant platforms, will lead. They will help change the lives of billions in years, instead of generations.

This CXO briefing is based on Dan Abelow’s keynote that opened The Conference Board’s Enterprise Digital Transformation Council in New York (41min.)

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CXO Executive Briefing

How Will Business Work in 2025? Innovations for Your Digital Transformation

It will take breakthrough innovations to move your markets and put your company in the lead.

What will it take to make your company part of every digital step with your customers, suppliers, employees and partners? When you enable their exponential growth, your reward is the leadership role you need.

Excerpt from a briefing delivered at GE Headquarters, to Beth Comstock, Chief Marketing Officer, and her global staff (5 min.)

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Senior Leadership Briefing

Are You Thinking Big Enough?

Today’s most advanced best practices are where leading companies and professionals start. They expect to do the best that's possible.

But they also know that they will constantly confront bigger challenges than they know how to solve, and more advanced competitors than they know how to defeat.

How will you add the innovations you will need to remain a leader tomorrow? As new threats arrive faster every year, how will you surpass the best you can do today — with the speed and scale tomorrow will demand?

Webinar excerpt (18 min.)

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Webinar Excerpt

Three Steps to Lead Online Marketing on Tomorrow's Digital Earth

Tech's giant platforms have only won for today. Yes, Google, Facebook and Amazon are ahead and dominant. But change keeps accelerating.

How can you use innovation and new tech advances to plan new assaults so you can use tech's turns to take the lead? 

New exponential growth options are key levers. As you harness new technologies, here's how you can use them to put you ahead of both your competitors and the giant platforms. 

As you leap forward, leap to the front.