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We are more advanced than most of us know

We already have technology that overcomes many limits, problems and gaps.

This website's resources show how these advances started as ideas and, after a decade of independent work, are heading toward your hand, putting you and everyone in control.

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Competitive Analyses

How do your technology and product strategies compare to the world's Top Five Competitors... Apple, Google, Meta, Amazon and Microsoft?

Each of these four analyses shows their biggest platforms' current strategic offerings, and compares them to the Expandiverse's new "People-First" model: 

  • Devices ($1 trillion market)
  • Digital environments / communications ($1.8 trillion market)
  • Advertising / interfaces ($468 billion market)
  • Privacy: What customers want to buy, and what people want

These competitive analyses are available by request from interested executives and leaders.

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ESG*: Example Industry Roadmap

*ESG is Environmental, Social and Governance: ESG is a set of goals, criteria and emerging standards for socially conscious companies, investors and people.

This keynote provides a digital roadmap for a large industry that produces problems, to become ESG solutions businesses that produce positive customer and global impacts.

This opening keynote was delivered to a 2-Day ESG Conference by U.S. Utilities.