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How to replace the most important sections of a $6 billion corporation's website? First, user research was done. Then three design options were developed. This usability test determined the strengths and weaknesses of each design, the customers' mental models and the new combined design to start the next stage of development and testing.

As managers direct the business, are they aligned with customers? Do they fit the customers' needs in product positioning, content and goals? This study determined how to maintain market leadership by maximizing customer success and satisfaction, while meeting the objectives of the business managers.

As agile and lean processes become the norm, speed and scale have become UX core competencies. A rapid user testing framework learns real user insights that show teams what works, what doesn't and the top improvement priorities. At this client, strategic user research frameworks increased both quality and speed through 90 lean UX projects that transformed user performance and satisfaction across a major corporation's website and its online businesses.

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Dan Abelow Keynote Speaker
Dan Abelow Author

Example Keynote and Resources

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Delivered in France at ITES (IT European Summit), to an audience of CIOs, CTOs and Innovation Managers.

(21:58 length)

TechCast Global: Strategic Technology Planning Think Tank

TechCast published an article about this keynote, along with a recording of it, "Another E-Commerce Revolution is Coming" (TechCast is a Washington, D.C., think tank that assists business and government leaders with strategic technology planning,)

TED-like Keynote

Platforms of the Future

At ITES (IT European Summit), Abelow presented today's crucial decision to corporate leaders: Will they be ruled by giant Corporate First platforms? Or will they lead a People First future where every company and person rises to the top?

Dan showed them how to start an age of E-Consumption. Here's how to link to always-on customers directly, bypassing the giant platforms.

Every company can secure their markets and block both competitors and surveillance platforms. They, not the giant platforms, will lead. E-Consumption companies will help improve the lives of billions in years, instead of generations.

Keynote Package: Custom Edited Video

Custom edited keynote recording (at the top of E-Consumption.com)

Keynote Package: Keynote eBook

Sharable PDF eBook of the keynote

Keynote Package: Website Visual Walkthrough

One-page website to visually see the keynote's ideas

Keynote Package: Social Sharing and Marketing

Social Sharing and Marketing

25 to 40 image posts scheduled as social campaigns, and as individual posts

Keynote Package: Knowledge Center

Related resources, to assist understanding and application

Latest Patented Invention

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Expandiverse: New technology to help build a people-first Digital Earth
Expandiverse Technology: New technology to help build the People First Digital Earth

Over 800 patents have cited new Expandiverse IP. Citations are evidence of leading companies that collectively invest billions in inventing new products and services for a Digital First Earth.

Out of each million patents, only 100 patents receive more than 100 citations. This is quantitative evidence of high-value contributions in the chain of digital inventions. 

According to an IP professor's research into U.S. patent citation records, "For 2017 alone, the leading prior art reference is U.S. Patent Application No. 2012/0069131, which is mysteriously titled 'Reality Alternate' and is the thought-child of Dan Abelow."

In total, Dan's digital inventions have received over 3,000 patent citations.

The Expandiverse is a new architecture and technology for helping build our fast-arriving Digital First Earth, transforming daily life, business, work, learning and play. Some of its components include:

  • Multiple Shared Life Spaces: Live, continuous connections with people, tools, places, resources, companies and more. Put a powerful Digital Earth at each person's fingertips, under their control, with multiple Shared Spaces. 
  • Families of Devices: Shared Spaces and Digital Boundaries turn separate devices into a "family." With a consistent digital environment across devices, user control expands across devices, places and time.
  • Active Knowledge, Active Resources and Active Commerce: A private embedded channel inside of everything done digitally. No interruptions to search, look for tools or shopping. Instant guided user success, services and Connected Consumption inside of uses throughout the day.
  • plus
    Digital Boundaries: Users control their screens' and interfaces. Makes the user-controlled interface the world's most valuable real estate. Protects people. Helps create E-Consumption with trusted vendors while excluding others. Each person's control helps produce the life that each person wants.
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