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Your Team Member / Leader:

Create future, business and product goals
Create roadmaps to reach those goals
Create patentable technologies needed for those roadmaps
Lead executive decisions on company, business and product goals 
Digital transformations
Accelerate digital businesses
R&D, innovations, IP filings
CX (Customer Experience) / UX (User Experience)
Create breakthroughs that solve wicked problems

Strategic assistance:

I believe the real value of innovation is to solve the biggest problems, and advance companies to their next stage of leadership and profitability. These disruptive steps are rare but they empower leaders to improve billions of lives by growing humanity’s abilities and prosperity.

I am an Applied Futurist who starts with big unsolved problems and pain points. Then I use foresight to design positive solutions, and create new patentable technologies to build them.

On your teams, my contributions help envision your future, design and lead large digital advances, accelerate digital businesses, lead R&D/innovations/patent filings/IP portfolio growth, drive CX (Customer Experience) and create breakthroughs that solve wicked problems.

Here's a few metrics:

  • Degrees: Harvard and Wharton
  • Proven commercial value: 550 licensees of my previous patents, includes Apple, Google, Microsoft
  • Proven widely useful: My lifetime patent filings have been cited 4,100 times. (The average patent is cited only 3-6 times. Only 0.01% of patents are cited more than 100 times). My patents are cited more than 99.9% of all U.S. patents.
  • Visionary technology: My Expandiverse patents are the first in the new field of "Planetary Success" Technologies, to turn the tide from humanity's most difficult problems to "Universal Success."
  • New uses: Deliver Expandiverse "universal success" that accelerates everyone’s progress to their personal goals, while making company and planetary progress on sustainability, health, inclusiveness and global hyper-collaboration.
  • Recognition: Expandiverse IP has been cited 1,759 times. Twenty world-leading tech companies did one-third of these patent citations. Examples are Microsoft (116 citations), IBM (79 cites), Samsung (48), Sales force (48), Google (38), Amazon (28). Bill Gates' recent patents cite this 9 times.
  • Limits Others’ IP: Since Expandiverse patent filings cover many new opportunities, in 2017 U.S. Patent Examiners cited Expandiverse IP the most. Their continuing citations of this IP limits others from getting patents on what the Expandiverse already filed.
  • UX (User Experience) expert: Developed and managed hundreds of UX advances that collectively contributed to billions of dollars in revenues for some of the world’s most notable companies.

Current advance:

The world's first patents to start a new field: 

"Planetary Success" Technology:
Turns the tide from humanity's unsolved problems 
to Universal Success 

Expandiverse IP: The Real World Metaverse

Sustainability problems: The Earth we know is coming to an end. A verdant world, where humanity flourished, is being transformed into a hot, thirsty and disaster-ravaged planet. People, societies and economies are in peril. 

Obstacles: Fossil fuel emissions are not slowing down. Chronic diseases and Inequality continue. Our problems are too big for governments, corporations, international organizations and philanthropies. To solve our problems, billions of people must elevate to sustainable food, energy, housing, transportation, consumption and health — all at the same time.

Growing threats: Now the world's leaders are starting to admit planetary failure to stop global warming from rising past the Paris Agreement’s limit of 1.5 degree Celsius. Planetary success requires leaders that disrupt today's status quo.

Challenges: Humanity's failure is not acceptable. But no one has ever experienced a sustainable, healthy and prosperous planet that includes everyone. We have never even known how to build this.

Solutions: Now we are ready for humanity to take another giant step. Expandiverse Technology has been created as the first "planetary success" technology. Its vision and mission are to prove an ESG Personal Solutions Economy within 2 to 3 years, then start scaling it worldwide within 5 to 10 years. 

How it works: New Expandiverse IP makes the online-first world more powerful than the physical one. The Expandiverse adds a new kind of virtual layer that expands everyone's personal and private access to humanity's Digital Wealth. People set their individual goals and continuously know the world's "next best steps" to raise their success in what they are doing. This virtual layer dynamically replaces products and choices that don't fit a person's goals and an improving planet. Every person can continuously use choices that improve their life and the world.

Scale: The Expandiverse solves the world's silo problem. Every company and organization struggles with how to take its best solutions and scale them to everyone. The Expandiverse is designed to scale to delivering personal "next best steps" to billions of people, all day, every day. These are delivered by one platform or many companies. Its "system" continuously learns privately from the results. It self-optimizes its solutions to provide a steadily advancing planet that everyone can apply to help reach their goals. Its advances can have both automated and expert reviews of the solutions it provides. 

Where: This improves lives where people are, without migrations, revolutions or attacking elites. It runs on existing devices as well as new VR-AR-XR, so it is deliverable on the devices people own and use. Each person can turn their devices into a virtual "family" so their personal virtual layer works across all their devices. Everyone can take control and decide their own goals, so they can use the world's best choices as they move from task to task, device to device, place to place and time to time.

Leaders evolve: Within 5 to 20 years every person could choose their goals and control their devices. Companies prosper by delivering interactive ESG solutions that help everyone and the planet succeed. Industry-leading companies are already customer-focused, so this will evolve them to customer-control. If companies don't evolve, their digital presence will be replaced across people's virtual layers by companies that help people and the planet. The Expandiverse name for this is People-First Capitalism.

Who: With today's devices, networks and companies we can add Expandiverse "planetary success technologies" so everyone can become sustainable, healthier and more prosperous. New positive growth by billions will lift people, companies, economies and societies. 

When: Our planet can switch from today's headwinds of giant problems to the tailwinds of countless personal successes in a self-improving culture. This is the critical decade to collectively start improving billions of lives and solve problems like the climate crisis, health, inequality, sustainability, inclusion and diversity.

Recognition by Experts who Know Leading-Edge Technology

1,759 Patent citations / One-third by tech leaders / "Most cited" by U.S. Patent Examiners

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1,759 Patent Citations: 1/3rd from 20 tech leaders

What does big tech's R&D do? They invest billions to patent and buy (acquire) the IP they need to lead tomorrow's online-first planet. When they cite technology that's in their bullseye, they cite Expandiverse IP again and again.

The average patent is cited just 3 to 6 times in its 20-year life. Out of every million patents, only 0.01% patents are cited more than 100 times. The Expandiverse is cited more than 99.99% of all U.S. patents.

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U.S. Patent Examiners: Most Cited IP in 2017

In 2017 U.S. Patent Examiners cited Expandiverse IP more than any other when they reviewed new patent applications, stopping others from re-patenting previous technology.

Why? The U.S. Patent Office is where new technology is judged and certified as an invention. These examiners' frequent and continued Expandiverse citations limits other patent applicants from getting patents they would like, on what the Expandiverse already filed.

Some Expandiverse IP Resources

Three examples from Expandiverse.com's Resources / Many free downloads

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Sharable PDF: Expandiverse "Planetary Success" Summary

Imagine humanity's first universally successful planet. It improves lives in real-time all day long, lifting everyone. Billions of people are made Digitally Wealthy. They choose their goals and use humanity's combined abilities, devices and resources every day.

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14-Volume Expandiverse IP Library to Transform Faster

Why add the Metaverse, Web3, crypto and blockchain? So people gain control. To deliver this sooner, use the guidance in the 14-volume Expandiverse IP library to build our people-led planet now.

(Click image to watch this keynote speech*)
ESG Best Practices Symposium - Opening Keynote - Dan Abelow

Roadmap to an ESG Economy: Keynote Speech*

As the climate crisis forces your company to act, how will you use your transformation to increase growth, profits and social good? This keynote's two-stage ESG roadmap adds a strategic virtual layer that your company could use to help lead an ESG Solutions Economy.

* This keynote speech opened a 2-day ESG conference by U.S. utilities, the industry that produces 25% of U.S. Greenhouse gas emissions

Business Model for Expandiverse IP

IP to add a new virtual layer above the Internet and physical world. Elevates every person to control so they can choose their goals, replace what they don't want with solutions, improve their lives and the planet. Balances tech's surveillance platforms with private online-first relationships with people, companies and the world. See five competitive examples below.

Since patents last 20 years the growing Expandiverse patent family will be in force until at least the early 2030's. As the world's problems explode the needs for its new field of "planetary success" technology will reach its moment.

Liquidax represents Expandiverse IP. It is currently identifying companies that want to assist billions of people and the planet within 2 to 5 years. These companies could use Expandiverse's virtual layers to enable billions of daily transactions before the patents expire.

Earth's Problems are Large Markets

The world's biggest problems are also its biggest business opportunities

Market Size Examples

For example, $7 trillion to adapt to the climate crisis (1), and $26 trillion from starting a climate economy (2)

1. $7 trillion to adapt to climate change, Global Commission on Adaptation, Adapt Now Report, https://gca.org/global-commission-on-adaptation/report
2. $26 trillion from growing a climate economy, The New Climate Economy, 2018 Report, https://newclimateeconomy.report/2018/executive-28 summary/

Planetary Success Technology

Expandiverse IP adds new ways for people all over the planet to reach their personal goals and aspirations. Simultaneously, everyone can help solve world problems like the climate crisis, health, diversity and more.

Business Goal 

As this scales to billions of people who take their "next best steps" throughout the day, billions of daily transactions can grow a global ESG Solutions Economy that can assist everyone and the planet.

World-leading companies can run these new virtual layers, enable universal success, and process the revenues from the transactions.

Expandiverse IP Alters Giant Markets: Five Competitive Analyses

Will your company survive the world's giant competitors — Apple, Google, Meta, Amazon and Microsoft?

Will the world survive today's "system," which drives climate change, inequality and other overwhelming problems?

Here are five of the ways Expandiverse "Planetary Success" Technology turns the
tide from humanity's failures to Universal Success

"Everything App"


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Everyone Controls E-Commerce

The Metaverse is the first name for a new virtual layer. As a people-first layer every person will be elevated to the top. They will run the Metaverses, Internet, devices and physical world.
Our economies, societies and commerce will become real-time processes that deliver universal success to everyone.
People will set the goals. Companies will assist and serve them personally.



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Telecoms, Video Conferencing, Online Events, Life and Work

The Expandiverse "online-first" model adds “Shared Life Spaces” (SLS). These are user-controlled “digital environments” for work, life and play.
Each SLS includes always-on people in real, virtual or hybrid places, with their apps, services, resources, etc. These replace today’s communications products and services, and add Digital Wealth to everyone.



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Phones, Tablets, Laptops, PC’s, Wearables, etc.

The Expandiverse “devices family” model includes physical devices, virtual devices and subsidiary devices. This gives each user control over the world’s “devices family.”
This makes humanity’s devices into sharable resources where everyone can add devices for sharing, and use others’ shared devices. This helps makes everyone Digitally Wealthy.

Digital Advertising


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From Customer-Targeted to Customer-Controlled

The Expandiverse "advertising" model elevates users to decide their devices interfaces. You choose your goals, like improving your life, and sustainability to fix the climate crisis.
Your goals are personal instructions to replace the choices across your “devices family.” To be included and visible, companies adapt to help you reach your personal and planetary goals.

Privacy and Protections


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Consumers and People Choose, and Get That Privately

The Expandiverse "privacy and protections" model adds seven new kinds of privacy and digital protections to our online-first planet.
For example, privacy-first people do not need to tell the surveillance advertising platforms their goals, replacements, decisions or actions. Protected people will reach their goals privately, without manipulation or coercion.

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