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"We are in a race to save the world.
The real value of innovation is to solve our big problems, and to advance humanity to its next stage"
— Dan Abelow


Look ahead accurately


Start with the destination: The coming online-first world

How will business work? CXO briefing from The Conference Board

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Prepare your next transformation by watching a version of Dan's keynote to The Conference Board's Enterprise Digital Transformation Council. (41 min.)

Who will lead and own the future? Keynote to CIOs, CTOs and Innovation Managers

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Will tech's giant platforms own your digital connections, or will you own your relationships with your customers? Learn how to take control in Dan's TED-like keynote at ITES (IT European Summit), for CTO's, CIO's and Innovation Managers. (22 min.)

As "digital-first" takes over commerce, customer-vendor relationships can turn direct, immediate and private. This will produce deeper connections and higher satisfaction than today's surveillance commerce.


What's next? Imagine Your New Future

What if we live in a digital world that makes everyone great?

Forget the idea that you missed the Internet's big moves and lost to tech's giant platforms. Your post-pandemic digital advances should put you in the lead. 

Tech's giants are locked into selling the non-sustainable economy. Because their revenues come from ads and products that help destroy the world, Google, Facebook and Amazon are stuck in the past. 

Here's how you can take the lead by outperforming tech's platforms in the ways that count.


Create technologies of the future


Creating a new kind of "system change technology": Expandiverse Technology cited 1,628 times

Who cites Expandiverse Technology and why?

As tech's leaders invest billions of dollars to create and patent the technologies and products that will lead the world, here are some of the 1,628 citations of Expandiverse Technology.

Abelow self-funded and privately created the Expandiverse because it's scope is "system change." Until recently, corporations and VC's did not fund "system change innovation."

Now, of course, we know we need "system change" because our "system" causes the climate crisis, fails at preparing for pandemics, and perpetuates problems like inequality, global chronic diseases, discrimination and social injustice.

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As we face today's challenges, Dan's mission is to help the world become healthy, prosperous and sustainable — by making our "system" include everyone, and work well for every one of us.

An Expandiverse Technology example: One of the combinations, and four of its parts

In 1914 Henry Ford's new Assembly Line started mass production, led to the middle class and changed society.

Now Assembly Layers empower everyone to set their goals and take digital control to reach them. In its new "people-first system," people choose the goals and sustainable companies help them succeed privately and personally. Universal personal success replaces surveillance search, shopping and branded devices. Everybody can rise to be as good as the best with people-first companies who also rise to lead the economy. Everyone can be helped personally to improve their lives and reach their goals.

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Expandiverse IP has a 1,400 page specification that the U.S. Patent Office divided into 31 technology categories. Assembly Layers are one of its combinations, and four parts of it are below.

People-first control and privacy

Today's surveillance "system" provides our choices as ads, content and products. In the Expandiverse, each person chooses their goals and takes digital control. During digital steps, their devices show personal solutions privately. New technology switches the "system" to personal and private control of our digital world.

Active Guide delivers the world's best solutions

During digital tasks and steps, Active Knowledge adds "your next best step." These solutions also increase sustainability. As people decide which solutions to use, save and re-use, the system privately learns "what's best." These "best solutions" rise to the top so that everyone can use the best solutions.

A connected ESG Solutions Economy

New connected E-Consumption turns these "best solutions" into private customer-vendor relationships. Since the solutions increase sustainability, they grow an ESG Solutions Economy. Both people and companies rise. As people improve their lives, the non-sustainable economy is made obsolete.

A new norm: Everyone rises to be the world's best

The Expandiverse produces a world where humanity's "best solutions" are continuously discovered and delivered to everyone. As better ESG solutions are discovered, these rise to the top for real-time delivery. The result is a new way to live. People choose the goals. The best solutions help everyone advance every minute.


Previous patents: Over 550 licensees and 4,100 citations

Quantitative evidence of commercial value

Abelow-created patents have been licensed by over 550 companies and cited over 4,100 times (see disclosure).

Abelow used the proceeds from selling his previous IP (Intellectual Property) to fund the private creation of new Expandiverse "system change technology." System change innovation was not funded by corporate R&D and profit-first investors during the 2007 to 2011 years when he started creating this and filing for patents.

Now it's clear that we live in a broken "system" that causes a climate crisis, inequality and other overwhelming problems.

Dan's mission is to create and grow new "system change technology" to help fix our "system" before its looming disasters destroy civilization. If previous licensing and citations are good indicators, these may be widely useful contributions.

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Disclosure: Dan Abelow has never sued anyone for patent infringement, but his name was connected to some patent infringement lawsuits filed by others. Abelow sold his previous patent portfolio in 2004 to an Intellectual Ventures company who licensed many leading companies. Intellectual Ventures divested these patents to Webvention and Lodsys who used their patent ownership to license companies and sue some companies for patent infringement. Their lawsuits named the "Abelow patents" that they owned, and they filed the lawsuits. Dan Abelow is a tech creator who has never sued anyone for patent infringement.


Build a healthy, prosperous and sustainable planet that includes everyone


Expandiverse example use: Everybody RISE

Start humanity’s next level by 2023 to 2025, then scale it worldwide by 2030

Problem: We have never experienced a healthy, prosperous and sustainable planet that includes everyone. We have never known how to build this.

Challenge: The climate crisis will force us to develop this by about 2023 to 2025, then scale it worldwide by about 2030. We must become a successful planet in years, not generations.

Solution: Everybody Rise is a new kind of operating system and platform for personal, societal and planetary success. This is based on new "system change technology" that has already been cited 1,628 times.

Dan Abelow

Founder, Everybody RISE

Inventor, Expandiverse Technology

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How could we become a sustainable planet of great and successful people today?

With Everybody RISE, everyone chooses their goals. As they go through the day they privately receive the best known sustainable solutions that fit their goals. As people act privately, they save and re-use the solutions that improve their lives. The platform learns privately what people decide is best for them. This improves the solutions it delivers to everyone. We all continuously receive the world's best sustainable solutions, and can each decide whether they help us reach our goals, or not. Our actions to improve our personal lives guide this world-changing system in real-time.

Rise analytics and reporting keeps us all private while it shows the world's progress and its gaps as people try to reach the goals they choose. For the first time, we can all see the planet's actions, its sustainability and our remaining gaps. For the first time we can fill our gaps rapidly by improving the "your next best step" solutions delivered to everyone throughout every day.


Great "User Experiences" make innovations succeed on their first day, and in their every use

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Dan Abelow is the founder and principal consultant of Breakthrough UX (formerly Breakthrough Usability). Has added hundreds of UX and CX advances for world-leading companies. Some examples:

  • The go-to UX lead and expert for 7 years for an industry-leading company, during which its revenues grew from $6 billion to $22 billion. Improved many products that became #1 in their categories. Helped drive $billions in growth and revenues.
  • For example, the UX lead on a Cross-Business Task Force that redesigned a product line stuck at $250 million/year revenues. Shipped in under 6 months. Sales rose to $1.1 billion in a year. Solution was rolled across 36 products. Revenue increased to $2 billion in 2 years and $4 billion in 3 years.
  • For example, advanced their e-commerce paradigm from separate online tools to a unified user dashboard that displays each user's current purchases, steps and statuses. This transformed the purchasing experience, increasing e-commerce user satisfaction to higher than the company's in-person businesses. Enabled "online purchasing" to deliver about 90% of this company's $22 billion revenues.
  • Designed, built and ran 5 online user learning and testing frameworks to accelerate the speed and scale of UX improvements. Some frameworks were broad and included up to 9 businesses with consistent user success metrics, problem discovery and prioritized improvements.
  • Facilitated and reported 18 months of global customer meetings for a world-leading enterprise's redesign of its website and online services. Typical meetings were 2 days in a regional resort where about 40 major customers provided critical feedback of new designs and ideas to 25 to 35 development teams. Each meeting used a wide range processes for customer feedback, testing and learning.

User experience IN RISE'S ESG SOLUTIONS economy

FAST UX: Implement an "ESG Solutions Economy" at global scale

As a world-leading client's Usability Architect, field-developed a user-centered system development process over 18 months. The client formally certified this and rolled it out to over 5,000 development teams worldwide. Using that mindset, developed Everybody RISE's "FAST UX." (FAST is "Find, Act, Save and Transform").

The goal is to transform our world of frequent emergencies to a people-first planet that steadily becomes healthier, sustainable and inclusive, with new ways for everyone to rise to the top.

RISE switches from surveillance e-commerce to direct private E-Consumption

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How will RISE make the non-sustainable economy obsolete? 

In RISE, everyone can choose their goals. Then RISE's Active Guide delivers the world's best sustainable solutions at the time and place each is needed. The FAST user experience helps to easily try solutions and switch to those that are best for each of us. As our personal control grows, we each improve our life while replacing non-sustainable products and services.

Our personal dashboard shows our progress and the gaps to our goals. By making our personal impact visible, we can consciously grow sustainable companies and make non-sustainable companies obsolete. A new norm can begin: everyone has the power to end the climate crisis by improving their life in sustainable ways. Tipping points change business leaders, economies and the world.

RISE adds Connected E-Consumption that is direct, private and sustainable

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How could Sustainable E-Consumption replace non-sustainable e-commerce?

RISE evolves consumption to direct private connections with sustainable companies. Its FAST UX makes the sustainable economy "walk-up-and-use" simple — easier than today's non-sustainable economy. This starts direct, private relationships between positive people and people-first companies, so they can fix the world's problems together — while excluding and replacing the non-sustainable economy.

When the easiest choices are both sustainable and the world's best solutions, everyone can improve rapidly. People who RISE help end the climate crisis, reduce chronic diseases, overcome inequality and make companies fair and inclusive.


Help lead a positive future

"By creating Expandiverse Technology and Everybody RISE, by 2025 to 2030 we could switch the world from headwinds and obstacles, to tailwinds from people who take control and improve sustainability, health, inclusion and prosperity."

— Dan Abelow


Senior Partner (part-time) / Expandiverse IP

Dan serves Liquidax Capital as a part-time senior partner. He focuses on innovations that accelerate, expand and grow Liquidax, as well as new technologies that grow the businesses, market share and shareholder value of Liquidax clients.

Liquidax Capital is a Private Equity based IP Asset Management firm that represents superior patents, technologies, companies and investors that are looking to capture large emerging markets.

Expandiverse IP is represented by Liquidax Capital for partnering, licensing or acquisition. Contact Liquidax here (this link opens in a new tab).

example architecture: user-controlled esg solutions ECONOMY

People-First Capitalism: User-controlled, live and direct customer-vendor relationships

Tech always disrupts itself. Now private e-consumption can replace surveillance e-commerce

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Capitalist economies still reflect Adam Smith's "INVISIBLE hand of the market" from his 1776 milestone publication The Wealth of Nations. 

The Expandiverse evolves capitalism to a "people controlled VISIBLE hand of the market." This creates People-First Capitalism which delivers the world people choose, and drives Everybody RISE's new ESG Solutions Economy.  

People-First Capitalism is simple. Companies can either serve user-selected goals or be digitally replaced and lose their markets to people-first companies, with people-first employees, hungry to deliver the improved lives and healthy planet that people want.

Companies that lead this new people-first economy will see more data (anonymous and private) so they can roadmap their products and take market share. Each person's privacy is protected, which helps end the surveillance economy. Companies that continue destroying the world can be shown only enough data to guide their survival decisions, so they can join the People-First Economy and re-organize to help deliver the positive world people choose.

People-First Capitalism is a "system change" tech architecture. It empowers people to choose their life's goals privately. People-first companies deliver these in private, by using live and direct customer-vendor relationships.

This could make personal goals like health, sustainability, prosperity and inclusion visible requirements for trillions of dollars in transactions. If this makes people-first companies the world's most powerful, they will change the goals of politicians and governments from corporate-first to people-first.


Public examples with one editor at one publication:
Paris Innovation Review

What do we get? A flipped pyramid where everyone moves to the top

How do we change? With exponential growth for all people and many companies

Analyze what's happening: Published the day Elon Musk introduced the Powerwall battery


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The Flipped Economy: People-First Platform of the Future

A new tech disruption can make everyone as good as the best in the world. This will flip the economy, so most people and many more companies rise to the top.

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Exponential Growth for People and Companies: Capitalism Switches from Linear to Exponential Growth

We live with many limits. Which people and companies will triumph next? Those who use digital exponential growth repeatedly win. Here's how to add new opportunities for all people and companies to rise to the top.

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(Published the day Elon Musk introduced the Powerwall battery)
Tesla via YouTube

How Elon Musk plans to transform multiple industries, living standards, and the 21st Century

In February Elon Musk boldly predicted Tesla motors would go where no car company has ever gone before, to a $700 billion market valuation by 2025... Together, Toyota, Volkswagen, BMW, Ford and Honda have a market cap of just $522 billion. Is Elon Musk crazy? Or is he planning something only he can see?

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think tank CONTRIBUTOR

TechCast Expert


TechCast is a global virtual think tank that uses collective intelligence to produce leading-edge forecasts.

Abelow's periodic analyses assisted TechCast in serving upper management executives, senior government decision makers and leading academics with strategic guidance for a 3 to 10-year decision horizon.


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Love working with A-list experts on focused teams


Degrees from Harvard and Wharton

Ed.M. Degree: Creating Strategic Technologies at Harvard University Graduate School of Education

Independent graduate degree in the creation of strategic, world-changing technologies. Innovation at Harvard Business School, sci/tech creation at MIT, learning and cognition at Harvard's Ed School and technology policy at Harvard's Kennedy School of Government.

B.Sc.E Degree: Marketing and the History of Civilization at the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania

Studies in the history of civilization and marketing produced a lifelong interest in today's convergence of science, technology, business and culture — because this now produces the digital design, construction and delivery of reality.

Miami Beach Senior High School: No degree, entered college after the 11th grade

President of Sophomore class. First chair trumpet in both band and orchestra. Created and ran "Friendship Through Books," an international youth friendship project: 32 high schools collected and shipped over 40,000 books to school libraries in Central and South America.


Environment and Learning

IDEAS for Us

Member of the Board of Advisors. IDEAS, with 10 worldwide affiliates, creates global environmental solutions through local actions.

Future Problem Solving Program International

Previously member of the Board of Advisors, Keynote speaker, Futurist-on-call, Scene writer, Competition judge, Evaluator. Assisted this global K-12 education program.

Dan's style

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It's all about you:
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Expandiverse IP has a 1,400 page specification that the U.S. Patent Office divided into 31 technology categories. Here is one of its combinations. Four of its parts are below.

  • It changes the "system" to "people-first."
  • Each pseron chooses their goals and gets a personal Digital Environment that helps them succeed.
  • It delivers personal sustainable solutions privately in real-time, enabling people to succeed in reaching their goals while building a sustainable economy.
  • The system learns privately from the results. It continuously self-improves so that everyone receives humanity's best known solutions.
  • We become a world where everyone can be the best.



Expandiverse example: Everybody RISE

A way to reach humanity's next stage by 2023 to 2025, then scale globally by 2030

Insert Dan's QUOTE here.

Could everyone become as good as the best in the world? And could we all become great today without classrooms, education systems or degrees?

As Active Guides deliver suggestions, user results are collected privately. They learn from what people do, including what works and what doesn't. This produce anonymous analytics and reporting on the world's progress toward the goals people choose and try to reach. 

As the systems learns it adds continuous improvements to the Active Guides. People receive the world's best known answers as "your next best step" and the "short path to your goal." These assist users who may be people, employees, NGO's or social services.

Everyone chooses their goals and receives their personal solutions. When the system learns people do better. No education system needed.

(Click image to see full size)

This could grow real-time learning that assists more people every day than classrooms, online courses and schools. As you do things digitally, an Active Guide is like GPS that delivers directions. You receive "your next best step" and the "short path to your goal." Humanity's best known choices are always in everyone's hand. You and everyone can always know the world's "next best step" to succeed.