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Dan Abelow

How could I help you?

How could you reach your goals faster? I can assist with your digital accelerations, digital transformations and innovations. If you use our discussion to tell me about your goals, gaps and priorities, you will learn about relevant options. Some of these include:

  • Advise: Private discussion, Q&A, a free consultation, regular advisory assistance
  • IP: License or acquire Expandiverse Technology IP
  • Consulting: Help create new technology, develop products, online services and digital transformation: Assist in managing, creating and developing new technology, products, business systems and digital transformations
  • CX and UX (Customer Experience and User Experience): Manage, design or test CX and UX to fit your customers, employees, supply chains and markets
  • Speaking: Keynote speech, private briefing, workshops, informal talk, conference panel or custom webinar
  • Writing: Articles, white papers, interview research, competitive analysis or private analysis
  • Another goal: What would you like, and when do you need it?