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Creating needed patentable technologies
Digital transformations
Digital business accelerations
R&D, innovations, IP filings
CX (Customer Experience) / UX (User Experience)
Wicked problem solving

Look ahead accurately:
Differentiate yourself from "Incremental Innovators"

As the "online-first" world arrives, you can make your customer-vendor relationships direct, always-on, real-time and private. You will receive deeper connections and your customers will enjoy higher satisfaction than today's surveillance commerce.


Start with the destination: Universal Success from an Online-First Virtual Layer that You Help Lead

How will connected businesses work? CXO briefing to The Conference Board

(41 min.; can be expanded to full screen)

Prepare your digital acceleration and transformation by watching this version of Dan's keynote to The Conference Board's Enterprise Digital Transformation Council. (41 min.)

To own your future, you must lead it: Keynote to ITES (IT European Summit)

(22 min.; can be expanded to full screen)

Will tech's giant platforms own your relationships with your customers? Will you have to pay them to reach your customers? See how to take control of your customer relationships in Dan's TED-like keynote at ITES (IT European Summit). Delivered to CIO's, CTO's and Innovation Managers. (22 min.)


What's next? Imagine Your New Future

What if we lived in a digital world that makes you and everyone great?

Forget the idea that you missed the Internet's big moves and lost to tech's giant platforms. Now, your post-pandemic digital advances should put you in the lead. 

Tech's giants are locked into selling the non-sustainable economy. Because their revenues come from ads and products that damage the world, Google, Facebook and Amazon are locked into the past. 

Here's how you can take the lead by outperforming tech's platforms in the ways that count to your customers, and to you.

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Create useful new technologies

Abelow-created patents have over 550 licensees, and over 4,100 patent citations


Proven Creator of Commercially Useful and Valuable Technology

Many of the licensees on the left are leading tech companies. Those on the right include some of the world's best known brands.

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Some licensees of patented new technologies Dan created

Example patent licensed by 200 companies: 1-to-1 Interactive Communications Based on Personal Product Use

Does Abelow innovate in broadly useful ways? Here is an invention fundamental to how you interact, all day long, in many parts of your life and work.

You constantly use 1-on-1 communications in personal alerts and messages through your phone, apps, smart assistants, computers and smart IoT (Internet of Things) devices.

Abelow invented the first patent and IP family that described these 2-way personal interactions based on the use of products and services. These Abelow patents have been licensed over 200 times and cited more than 2,000 times.

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A Disruptive Vision, Technology and IP:
"Planetary Success" Where Everybody Rises to the Top

Become a sustainable, healthier and more prosperous planet that includes everyone...

Without revolutions, migrations or attacking elites

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Home      Technology      Inventor      Metaverse OS      The Great Rise      Real World Metaverse      Next Step      IP

Digitally accelerate people, companies and businesses to lead a positive world

"Planetary success" technologies are a new IP field to turn the tide from overwhelming global problems to Universal Success.

Companies and platforms can acquire this IP and assistance to deliver universal success, sustainability, health, inclusiveness and global hyper-collaboration that accelerates their progress and growth.


Can U.S. Utilities add ESG* with a Roadmap to become ESG Energy Companies?

Here's my opening Keynote to a 2-Day ESG Conference by leading U.S. Utilities, the industry that produces 25% of U.S. greenhouse gases

How could utilities become global ESG energy companies?

This keynote provides a roadmap for utilities and businesses to switch from profiting from problems to profiting from solutions.

First, utilities could deliver Universal ESG Success to every person privately on their existing devices, and improve their lives.

Second, they could grow into ESG Energy Companies with platforms that drive a global ESG Solutions Economy.

Their reward could be trillion-dollar company valuations, from growing a sustainable planet where everyone's daily life and consumption help end the climate crisis.

Click this video to see the keynote >

* ESG is Environmental, Social and Governance: ESG is a set of goals, criteria and emerging standards for socially conscious companies, investors and people


Great "User Experiences" make Innovations Succeed on Their First Day, and in Their Every Use

What's next in design, CX (Customer Experience) and UX (User Experience)?

Most projects were done as a remote expert for a business unit or global team. Typically led at key milestones (designs, prototypes, builds, confirmation before launches, key updates, etc.). User tests were either remote or done on-site where-ever needed (U.S., Europe, Asia). Usually ran 25 to 35 projects/initiatives per year.

Discovered major problems and solved them rapidly for many kinds of businesses, new technologies, products, services and operations.

Expertly created scalable UX processes, frameworks and methodologies. Applied them to drive successes in business units and corporate functions. Frequent evangelist for UX/CX/design. Many processes were adopted by clients. Assisted with adoptions, rollouts and integrated uses.

As the founder and principal consultant of Breakthrough UX (formerly Breakthrough Usability), Dan added hundreds of UX and CX advances for world-leading companies.

Some contributions:

  • Example: The go-to UX lead and expert for 7 years for an industry-leading company, during which its revenues grew from $6 billion to $22 billion. Improved many products that became #1 in their categories. Helped drive billions in growth and revenues.
  • Example: The UX lead on a Cross-Business Task Force that redesigned a product line stuck at $250 million/year revenues. Shipped a full redesign of two lead products in under 6 months. Sales rose to $1.1 billion in a year. Solution was rolled across 36 products. Business unit revenue grew to $2 billion in 2 years, and $4 billion in 3 years.
  • Example: Advanced the company's e-commerce paradigm from separate online tools to a unified user dashboard that displays each customer's current purchases, steps and statuses. Transformed the buying and support experiences. Increased online user satisfaction to higher than the company's in-person businesses and services. Enabled online sales to deliver about 90% of $22 billion revenues, and online support to deliver about 80% of support.
  • Example: Designed, built and ran 5 online user learning and testing frameworks to accelerate the speed and global scale of UX improvements. Some frameworks were broad across multiple businesses. Included up to 9 business units with consistent user success metrics, problem discovery and prioritized problems/improvements.
  • Example: Facilitated and reported 18 months of global customer meetings for a world-leading enterprise's redesign of its website and online services. Typical meetings were 2 days in a regional resort where about 40 major customers provided critical feedback of new designs and ideas to 25 to 35 development teams. Each meeting used a wide range processes for customer feedback, testing and learning.
  • Example: Served a firm as its Usability Assurance Architect, to improve systems built by over 5,000 development teams worldwide. Designed and field-proved their formally adopted UX processes. Helped with rollout to add UX to projects and proposals, helping the firm repeatedly win and deliver 7 to 9-figure contracts. Frequently flown in to pitch a client's senior executives. Received two firmware awards.
  • Example: UX lead on a team that transformed hundreds of knowledge management (KM) databases into a unified KM resource that became the firm's main platform for local operations worldwide. Then did the UX that improved many areas in this KM platform. Delivered two UX keynotes at annual firmwide conferences.

Writing, Think Tank Expert, Education, Volunteering


Writing examples with one editor at one publication:
Paris Innovation Review

What do we get? A flipped pyramid where everyone moves to the top

How do we change? With exponential growth for all people and many companies

Analyze what's happening: Published the day Elon Musk introduced the Powerwall battery


(Click image to see full size)

The Flipped Economy: People-First Platform of the Future

A new tech disruption can make everyone as good as the best in the world. This will flip the economy, so most people and many more companies rise to the top.

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Exponential Growth for People and Companies: Capitalism Switches from Linear to Exponential Growth

We live with many limits. Which people and companies will triumph next? Those who use digital exponential growth repeatedly win. Here's how to add new opportunities for all people and companies to grow exponentially, and rise to the top.

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(Published the day Elon Musk introduced the Powerwall battery)
Tesla via YouTube

How Elon Musk plans to transform multiple industries, living standards, and the 21st Century

In February 2015 Elon Musk boldly predicted Tesla motors would go where no car company has ever gone before, to a $700 billion market valuation by 2025... Together, Toyota, Volkswagen, BMW, Ford and Honda have a market cap of just $522 billion. Is Elon Musk crazy? Or is he planning something only he can see?

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think tank CONTRIBUTOR

TechCast Expert


TechCast is a global virtual think tank that uses collective intelligence to produce leading-edge forecasts.

Abelow's periodic analyses assisted TechCast in serving upper management executives, senior government decision makers and leading academics with strategic guidance for a 3 to 10-year decision horizon.


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Degrees from Harvard and Wharton

Ed.M., Independent graduate studies in creating Strategic Technologies at Harvard and MIT

Independent graduate degree in the creation of strategic, world-changing technologies. Strategic innovation at Harvard Business School, Tech management and development at MIT, design and cognition at Harvard's Ed School, sci/tech policy at Harvard's Kennedy School of Government.

B.Sc.E Degree: Marketing and the History of Civilization at the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania

Grew a lifelong interest in the historic convergence of business, science, technology and culture during studies of marketing and the history of civilization. Evolved to recognizing that this combination now produces today's design, construction and delivery of reality on a managed planet.

Miami Beach Senior High School: No degree, entered college early after the 11th grade

President of Sophomore class. First chair trumpet in both band and orchestra. Created and ran "Friendship Through Books," an international youth friendship project: 32 high schools collected and shipped over 40,000 books to school libraries in Central and South America.


Environment and Learning

IDEAS for Us

Previously member of the Board of Advisors. IDEAS, with 10 worldwide affiliates, creates and delivers environmental solutions through local actions.

Future Problem Solving Program International

Previously member of the Board of Advisors, Keynote speaker, Futurist-on-call, Scene writer, Evaluator, Competition judge. Assisted this global K-12 education program.

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