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Dan Abelow's specializations: Anticipating, Innovating, Implementing and Leading

Dan Abelow's digital innovations have been cited by over 3,000 patents

Create new technology that builds our Online-First World:

Expandiverse Technology: New technology to help build the People First Digital Earth, with over 800 patent citations

My new Expandiverse Technology has been cited over 1,300 times, with frequent citations from tech's world leaders. 

Why is this new IP so relevant and valuable for the tech roadmaps of these companies?

  • Multiple Shared Life Spaces:  Live, continuous connections with people, tools, places, resources and more. Put a powerful Digital Earth at each person's fingertips, under their control, with multiple Shared Spaces. 
  • From Digital Divide to Superiority:  Turn separate devices from one or more brands into a leading-edge "Family of Devices." With a consistent digital environment across devices, every user's control expands across devices, places and times. Instead of isolation by brands and platforms, users gain a digital environment that they control, with leading-edge features, from their current devices.
  • Active Knowledge, Active Resources and Active Commerce: Private channels are embedded inside of everything digital. No needs for search or shopping. Instant guided user success, services and Connected Consumption are inside users' tasks and steps all day long. Block the surveillance platforms while accelerating speed, expanding reach and regaining privacy.
  • Privacy and Digital Boundaries: Users control their screens' and interfaces. Makes the user-controlled UI the world's most valuable real estate. Protects people. Helps create Connected Consumption with trusted vendors while excluding surveillance. Each person's control helps produce the unique life and world each person wants.

Companies that invest billions of dollars in digital R&D cite Expandiverse Technology frequently:  (click to view full size)

Expandiverse Technology: Helps build a People-First Digital Earth

Out of each million patents, only 100 patents are cited more than 100 times. These 1,300 citations are 13X that elite group.

Previous patents:  Licensed by over 550 companies. Cited more than 3,700 times

  • My previous patents have been cited over 3,700 times: This is quantitative evidence of foresight and value to others as they invest in R&D and create the technologies of our Digital First world.
  • Example patent: Created the first patent for one-to-one interactions between customers and vendors during the use of products and services. Includes personalized online selling, upgrading, support and content during the use of products and services. Filed in 1992. Licensed by over 200 companies. Cited over 2,100 times. Used countless times every day, by everyone, in products and services throughout our Digital Economy.

Some of the 550+ licensees of previous patents: (click to view full size)

Some licensees of prior Abelow-created patents

Dan Abelow specializes Implementing digital products, services and platforms

I'm a specialist in Digital Experience, the world in which we now live

Breakthrough UX: Accelerate and Lead Our Digital First Earth
Previous clients of Breakthrough Usability, now evolved to Breakthrough UX

Founder and Principal Consultant, Breakthrough UX (formerly Breakthrough Usability):  1990–Present

Solved hundreds of UX and CX problems for world-leading companies. 

Helped many products rise to #1 in their category, producing $billions in revenues.

Developed UX processes that were adopted and applied successfully by thousands of teams worldwide.

Produced advances in products, services, websites, ecommerce, ebusiness, media, search, support, online infrastructures, enterprise systems, and much more...

Dan Abelow's specialization: Anticipating digital needs in users and markets

Examples of my Digital Transformation briefings and keynotes

CXO Executive Briefing

From my opening keynote to The Conference Board's Enterprise Digital Transformation Council

Platforms of the Future

A conference keynote delivered at ITES (IT European Summit) to CTO's, CIO's and Innovation Managers.

Forget the idea that you missed the Internet's big moves and lost to Facebook, Google, Apple and Amazon.

Today you can change the technology and be a leader. For example, if you shift tech's paradigm to People First, you can make your products People First leaders in your industry. To learn more:

  • Expandiverse Technology enables a People-First Online World. It expands devices, digital environments, personal control and more.
  • Replace surveillance e-commerce with private Connected Consumption.
  • Digital Earth 2025: Strategy and roadmaps to build a People First Digital Earth.
  • Media 2025: People-first publishing and media platform. Disrupt surveillance advertising and e-commerce with a new channel: Always-on private content, active guide and user-controlled commerce — advertising and e-consumption.

Get in touch to discuss how you can take the lead.

Dan Abelow's digital transformation work includes UX, strategies, roadmaps and briefings

Think Tank Scholar, Keynote Speaker, Workshop Leader and Author

Think Tank Scholar:

Imagine a New Future: Creating Greatness for All, by Dan Abelow
Imagine a New Future: Creating Greatness for All, by Dan Abelow

Research Scholar, TechCast Global

Based in Washington, D.C., TechCast is a global virtual think tank that uses collective intelligence to produce leading-edge forecasts. Abelow's periodic analyses serve upper management executives, senior government decision makers and leading academics with strategic guidance for a 3 to 10-year decision horizon.

Recent vision book:

Vision:  My latest book is now free to read on Medium. com, where it was in the top 10% in 2016.

Imagine a New Future:  Create Greatness for All

How could tech produce personal greatness, universal prosperity and a successful planet that includes everyone?



Harvard Shield HGSE

Creating Strategic Technologies at Harvard University Graduate School of Education:  Ed.M. Degree

Studied innovation leadership at Harvard Business School, sci/tech at MIT, cognition at Ed School and strategic policy at Kennedy School of Government.

Marketing and the History of Civilization at the Wharton School - University of Pennsylvania:  B.Sc.E Degree

Miami Beach Senior High School: Entered college after 11th grade 

President of Sophomore class. First chair trumpet band and orchestra. Created and ran "Friendship Through Books," an international youth friendship project: 32 high schools collected and shipped over 40,000 books to school libraries in Central and South America.


Board of Advisors, Keynote speaker, Futurist-on-call, Scene writer, Competition judge, Evaluator

Future Problem Solving Program International: Global K-12 education program that develops the abilities of tens of thousands of young people in almost every US state and in 15 countries to design and promote a positive future, through problem solving activities that use critical and creative thinking.

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