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Dan is an inventor, consultant, author and speaker who holds degrees from Harvard and the Wharton School.

  Contact Information  
Dan Abelow

Tel: (407) 786-7422
Email: dan (at) expandiverse com

Twitter: @danabelow
Google+: /gplus.to/danabelow
LinkedIn: /in/danabelow
Facebook: /dan.abelow
YouTube: /user/expandiverse
Slideshare: /expandiverse

  Education, Memberships, Interests  
Harvard Graduate School of Education   Ed.M. (Master's Degree), Harvard Graduate School of Education: An independent program on strategic technology creation, development and implementation. Included studies at MIT, Harvard Business School and Harvard's Kennedy School of Government.
The Wharton School  

Wharton School. B.Sc.E. (Bachelor's of Science in Economics), Many courses taken in Wharton's MBA Program. History minor with continuing interests in the history of science, the economic history of industrialization, and the evolution of the nation state.


ACM (Association for Computing Machinery), IEEE, UPA (Usability Professionals Association), Mensa, Intertel


Learning, Photography, Fitness, Kayaking, Butterly Gardening, Playing Native American Flute, Flowers

  Inventions: Current and Past  
Example licensees of Abelow's inventions.


Current: Expandiverse


The Expandiverse is new technology and IP (Intellectual Property) to build tomorrow's digital world today.

This digital transformation accelerates our future world's capabilities from 20-50 years out into the present, creating new conditions to ignite a digital economic engine.

Gain competitive advantages for adopting companies, and expand growth and prosperity conditions for today's generation.


Past: Computing ver. 2


In 2004 Dan sold 100% of his IP portfolio without any licensees to new owners who subsequently licensed many companies. Today, over 500 corporations have become licensees of patents created by Dan, though he does not receive any of the new owners' licensing revenue.

Rather than retiring, Dan used the proceeds of his 2004 IP portfolio sale to fund his new invention of Expandiverse Technology.

If new revenues can be produced from his new Expandiverse Technology, Dan’s goal is to continue making more contributions.

  Consulting: Breakthrough Usability  
Example clients of Abelow's consulting.


Breakthrough Usability is Dan's consulting firm. Dan's passion is the nexus where new technologies create world-changing value. He is an expert in helping create and deliver large advances in new technologies, websites, products, services and enterprise systems. Some specific contributions are here.

When consulting, Dan specializes in what's new, whether it's technology, products, services or systems. He typically completes 20-30 engagements a year. In most engagements a team has issues and needs answers quickly.

Dan gets up to speed rapidly with a new technology, prototype or system. He immediately dives into analysis and runs a complete test. Findings and recommendations include what works, what doesn't, and how to fix the problems.

When he conceived and created the Expandiverse, Dan took these abilities and pace and applied them to the future of digital technology.

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