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Received over 500 patent citations within 10 months after its first patent issued. The most citations come from world leading companies.

Three of the Expandiverse components:​

  • Multiple Shared Life Spaces: Live, continuous connections with people, tools, places, resources and more. Put a powerful Digital Earth at each person's fingertips, under their control, with multiple Shared Spaces. Turns all their devices into one "device family."
  • Active Knowledge, Active Resources and Active Commerce: An invisible, embedded channel inside of everything done digitally. No interruptions to search, look for tools or shop. Instant guided user success, tools and purchases inside of uses.
  • Digital Boundaries: Users control their screens' displays. Protects people. Helps create Connected Consumption with trusted vendors. Makes the user-controlled UI the world's most valuable real estate. Each person's control helps produce the world and lives that people want.

New Expandiverse Technology:  Accelerate and Lead the Digital Earth

This invention has received over 750 patent citations.
Only 100 patents out of each million patents receive over 100 patent citations.

Expandiverse Technology received over 500 patent citations, with the most from world leading companies

Previous patents: Over 550 licensees, and over 2,600 patent citations

  • Previous patents licensed by over 550 companies that include Apple, Google, Samsung Electronics, Oracle and Microsoft.
  • Previous digital patents are in digital content, digital accessibility and digital communications.
  • Example foresight: The patent for 1-to-1 interactions between customers and vendors during the use of products and services. This introduced personalized online communications, selling, support and content inside of products and services. Envisioned, then filed in 1992. Cited over 790 times. Licensed by over 200 companies.
  • My patents and patent applications have been cited over 2,600 times by subsequent patents: Recognition of foresight and value. Is this a branch on the patent citation "tree" of digital inventions?
Some licensees of prior Abelow-created patents

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Breakthrough UX: Lead the Digital Earth's User Experience
Each user experience is your marketing. The total experience is your brand.

Previous clients of Breakthrough Usability, now evolved to Breakthrough UX

User Experience:  Your New Marketing and Branding

Founder and Principal Consultant, Breakthrough UX (formerly Breakthrough Usability):  1990–Present

  • Delivered hundreds of projects and improvements for world-leading companies.
  • Produced major advances in products, services, websites, ecommerce, ebusiness, media, search, support, online infrastructures, enterprise systems, and more.
  • Helped raise revenues of an SMB products business from $250M to $4B in 3 years.
  • Improved thousands of enterprise systems per year by creating processes that were adopted and rolled out to thousands of development teams worldwide. Assisted in global rollout and winning major contracts.
  • Raised customer success in a world-leading website with over 90 projects that added improvements to revenues,support, products, content, media, navigation, search, jobs, etc.
  • Transformed a global Knowledge Management resource into the central platform for the company’s global operations. Named “Innovation Scan #17”, one of the most valuable global innovations in that company’s history.
  • Built and ran 5 global online testing frameworks.
  • Facilitated large vendor-customer meetings in venues and conference centers worldwide.

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Digital Earth 2025: Roadmaps to universal prosperity, and greatness for everyone
Digital Earth 2025:  Roadmaps for the Winners-Take-All Wars

Digital Transformation: Strategy, Roadmaps and Briefings

How will your company lead your digital industry, then scale to help lead a people-first Digital Earth?

  • How companies can win against billion-user platforms, AI's and voice bots from Google, Facebook, Apple andAmazon.
  • Roadmaps to build a Digital Earth: Media (Publishing-Advertising), Work, Commerce, Supply Chain, DigitalEconomy (Economic Growth), and Corporate Digital Transformations.
  • Executive Briefings for dealing with disruptions and taking the lead. Transformation strategies to lead industries.
  • Experiences and examples: Business, technology, world, health, education, living and entertainment.

Add Dan Abelow for proven Visionary Leadership

Writing, Presentations, Workshops and Keynote Speeches

Keynote speaker, workshop leader and author in the top 10% on Medium.com

  • Keynote speaker / Workshop leader: Schedule me to experience a buildable people-first Digital Earth now. See and develop your digital leadership today.
  • Author, popular trade book: Imagine a New Future: Creating Greatness for All. How can technology produce personal greatness, universal prosperity and a successful planet that includes everyone? This book is now free on Medium.com, where Dan was in the top 10% in 2016.

CXO Executive Briefing (41 min. video)
Based on Dan Abelow’s keynote speech that opened The Conference Board’s Enterprise Digital Transformation Council in New York

Imagine a New Future: Creating Greatness for All, by Dan Abelow

Vision:  My book is now free to read on Medium. com, where I was in the top 10% in 2016.

​Imagine a New Future: Creating Greatness for All. How tech can produce personal greatness, universal prosperity and a successful planet that includes everyone.

Visionary disruption:  Lead the world

Exponential growth for your company, people and society. In two new articles published by Paris Innovation Review:

The biggest transformation: Capitalism switches from linear to exponential growth

The people-first disruption:  The flipped economy

New Paris Innovation Review article: The flipped economy: Connected consumption, people-first automation and partnership capitalism


The Wharton School - University of Pennsylvania

The Wharton School - University of Pennsylvania:  B.Sc.E, Marketing, History of Civilization

Undergraduate, with many graduate level courses taken in the Wharton MBA program. Became passionate about the growing transformation of civilization from the convergence of science, technology, business, markets, education and nation states.

Harvard Shield HGSE

Harvard University Graduate School of Education:  Ed.M., Creation of Strategic Technologies

Independent research-based Master's Degree on the creation, development and application of new strategic technologies: Combined research into innovation at Harvard Business School, sci/tech at MIT, cognition at the Ed School, and strategic policy at Kennedy School of Government.

Miami Beach Senior High School

Miami Beach Senior High School: Early admission to college after 11th grade

President of the Sophomore class. First chair trumpet in band and orchestra. Created and ran "Friendship Through Books," an international youth friendship project in which 32 high schools in the United States collected and shipped over 40,000 books to school libraries in Central and South America.


Future Problem Solving Program International

​Future Problem Solving International Program

A global K-12 education program that develops the abilities of tens of thousands of young people in almost every US state and in 15 countries to design and promote a positive future, through problem solving activities that use critical and creative thinking.

  • International activities: Board of Advisors, Futurist-on-call, Editorial reviewer of new materials, Future scene writer
  • Florida State activities: State conference keynote speaker, Competition judge, Evaluator

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  • UX (User Experience): Value-creation expert
  • Digital strategy, roadmaps and executive briefings
  • Presentations, workshops and keynote speeches that focus on your goals
  • Conceive, create and patent new digital technologies that are frequently cited by leading companies
  • Facilitate customer feedback meetings worldwide
  • Popular author; in the top 10% of Medium.com in 2016
  • Scalable online delivery, with the web, software, graphics, audio and video skills to produce that

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  • Transform: Worldwide online delivery and resources help evolve your culture worldwide

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IP revenue funds more tech creation

  • License or acquire Expandiverse IP to lead a Digital Earth
  • Revenues used to create new tech, IP and positive evolution

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